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A little look back at Cisco Live!

Posted on Fri, Jul 22, 2016 @ 04:24 PM

So what happened at Cisco Live this year? Well, at booth #1844 (that was VXi’s booth), there was A LOT going on.  Of course, we had our line of UC-ready headsets on hand—from the one-of-a-kind UC ProSet LUX (with the built-in UC presence indicator) to the Envoy™ Office, the full-featured UC headset with the incredibly small price tag. 

Our products, wired and wireless, really captured the imagination of Cisco Live attendees. So a lot of people were interested in our giveaway this year. But only one of them got the Point™.


But the biggest event from our point of view was our preview of VXi’s two new wireless solutions. The first is a Bluetooth® office wireless headset system with a single headset that keeps you connected and hands-free wherever you work. When you’re out of the office, in the car, etc., it pairs with your cell phone and works like a typical Bluetooth headset (but it sounds better, because it’s VXi). In the office, it pairs with your desk phone through a simple base station/charging station. In a nutshell, one headset does the work of two and gives you uninterrupted connectivity and productivity, all-day long.

The second is a DECT-based line that will give office users the most affordable choice of professional wireless solutions in the industry. With up to 350' of wireless freedom, it lets you take both desk phone and PC calls with one headset.

We have to say, people in the know are consistently impressed by the quality and innovation VXi brings to the table—many of whom were understandably interested in our “Invitation-Only Trial Program”. A few of those folks were lucky enough to be asked to participate. Would you like to learn more about the “Invitation-Only Trial Program”? Click here to see if you qualify.

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The Importance of Headsets for Unified Communications

Posted on Thu, May 05, 2016 @ 02:18 PM


Unified Communications
is a fact of life in business today. Everyone’s dealing with multiple devices and media as a matter of course. So being able to unify all those disparate pieces into a coherent whole has become a basic necessity. Unified Communications turns fragmented fits and starts into pure productivity. And for the most part, people get it. 203305-UC-ProSet-LUX-5031-Stereo-OTH-3-Qtr-Right-medium.jpg

Amazingly, many people still don’t really understand just how important headsets are if you want to make the most of UC and tap users’ true productivity potential. It’s pretty obvious, though. If you’re holding a handset, you’re only operating at half capacity, at best. And if you’re trying to switch between functions or devices, forget about it.

But a headset frees your hands, and instantly kicks your productivity up a notch. In the Unified Communications context, a headset lets you flow from one UC function to another. Free to collaborate, you can easily move from IM to shared desktops, for example, all while on a conference call. You can see how this elevates customer service to a whole new level.

Then we get to sound quality. From a customer perspective, better sound means better service—and greater satisfaction. VXi headsets, like the Envoy™ UC, have advanced noise canceling, so people hear you, not the noise around you. And many models (including the one-of-a-kind UC ProSet LUX™) have wideband audio, so voices sound clearer and more natural than with traditional handsets and headsets. Together, they mean better communication, fewer misunderstandings and shorter, more productive calls.

For UC, VXi headsets deliver additional advantages. Speech recognition works better, for example, boosting the accuracy of your unified messaging, while reducing the need for time-consuming manual corrections. So it improves communication and collaboration, while saving you time and effort.

VXi headsets are the ideal choice for your UC deployment. Thanks to our partnerships with UC giants like Cisco and Avaya, our products work seamlessly with most popular UC platforms. So whether you’re using Cisco Jabber, Skype for Business or Avaya one-X Communicator, think VXi.

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VXi Goes Back to the Future

Posted on Tue, Mar 03, 2015 @ 09:51 AM

It’s 2015. Sounds positively futuristic, doesn’t it? In fact, it was the future in Back to the Future Part II. Remember? Flying cars. Hoverboards. Self-tying shoelaces.

So at CES 2015, we kept an eye out for the kind of tech Marty McFly enjoyed in that movie. But we’re not quite there yet. We didn’t see any self-tying shoes, but we did see Bluetooth® shoes for fitness tracking.


No flying cars, either—though there were self-driving cars. (Doc Brown had to drive himself!) And yes, a real-life version of a hoverboard does exist, but it costs $10,000 and only works on metal surfaces.

2015_CES_Innovation_Award_B350-XT-270983-editedBut there was still plenty of advanced technology at CES, particularly at the VXi booth.  Like our VXi BlueParrott® B350-XT, which was honored with a 2015 CES Innovation Award. The B350-XT not only has the industry’s best noise canceling and sound quality, it’s also customizable. Its Parrott Button™ can be easily programmed on-the-go (via our free BlueParrott app) to perform the function you choose—speed dial, mute, and more.

And speaking of award-winners, there’s our one-of-a-kind UC ProSet LUX™, the only headset to receive a 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Lync Pioneer Award—in part because it’s the first and only headset with a built-in Visual Presence™ indicator that reduces unwanted interruptions by letting others know when you’re on a call. 

Last, but not least, is our breakthrough headset, the VXi BlueParrott RevealThe Reveal is a perfect example of VXi’s unmatched expertise when it comes to practical innovation. It’s a small, lightweight headset that solves the problem people have with small headsets. Because when life gets particularly loud, you can just slide out its extendable mic boom—for far superior noise canceling effectiveness, as high as 90%!

So maybe it’s not the 2015 that Doc and Marty visited in Back to the Future Part II. But VXi is making some mighty forward-thinking products that solve real-world problems. And 2015 is just beginning; wait until you see what else VXi has in store! 

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About the VXi UC ProSet LUX™.

Posted on Wed, Jul 30, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

UC ProSet LUX Lifestyle large

The VXi UC ProSet LUX defines state-of-the-art for today’s headsets, with plug-and-play USB convenience, plus an array of features and capabilities that nothing else on the market can touch. Here are just five impressive—and truly beneficial—UC ProSet LUX product attributes you may not be aware of:

1. Industry-leading noise cancelation. According to independent third-party testing, the UC ProSet LUX eliminates NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of background noise! No other competitive headset comes close. What does that level of noise-cancelling effectiveness mean to you? It means you’ll enjoy much more productive conversations (fewer misunderstandings and better communication), as well significantly better performance from any UC application.UC ProSet LUX

2. True Hi-Fi Stereo. With the UC ProSet LUX 5031U+, the binaural (two-speaker) version of the UC ProSet LUX, you get true stereo sound—not just the same monaural signal through both speakers. What does that mean to you? Simply that, when you use your UC ProSet LUX to listen to media (like music, for example), you hear it the way it was intended—spread across the stereo spectrum. So you don’t need a separate set of headphones or earbuds for that purpose. to rock out at your desk while you’re plugging away on spreadsheets!

3. Visual Presence™. The UC ProSet LUX is still the only headset with a built-in LED presence indicator designed around established UC standards. When used with compatible UC systems, the boom-mounted LED glows green when you’re available and red when you’re on a call on in a meeting—putting an end to unwanted interruptions.
LUX Presence

4. Lync compatibility. The UC ProSet LUX was designed for, and is truly plug-n-play (read, no additional software required) optimized with Microsoft® Lync™, enabling you to get the most out of your Lync system. And as the only headset on the market with Visual Presence™ VXI’s proprietary built-in LED presence indicator, the UC ProSet LUX is the only headset that visually announces your status to the world.

5. Full Avaya One-X Integration. Leveraging VXi’s Connect Avaya software, the UC ProSet LUX brings full hardware integration and Visual Presence™ to the Avaya one-X® Communicator. Plus, the UC ProSet LUX is a DevConnect-Tested Solution. For more information about the UC ProSet LUX and Avaya solutions, click here


Interested in a consultation or test driving one for your office? See if you qualify here!

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You Oughta Be at IAUG

Posted on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 10:24 AM

VXi debuts V150 Wireless Headset and Avaya-ready electronic hook switch at IAUG


You’re going to IAUG Converge 2013, aren’t you? After all, it’s THE show for the Avaya user community. This year’s theme is Powering Global Communications, and the focus is on keeping your company connected. So if your company is an Avaya user, and you’re interested in being better connected (who isn’t?), you really ought to be there.

VXi is going. Keeping people—and companies—connected is pretty much what we’re all about. And as an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner, we’ve got the compliance-tested hands-free solutions that fit perfectly into your Avaya environment, to keep you connected. And competitive.

Here’s a perfect example. This year, we will be premiering our new V150 Wireless Headset System and EHS. Together, they’re the perfect way to stay wirelessly connected at work. The V150 combines 1.9 GHz DECT technology with 64-bit encryption to give you 300 feet of secure, interference-free freedom. With our advanced noise canceling and superior sound quality, the V150 also delivers better audio than your wired handset—even when you’re a football field away from your desk. When you add the optional EHS (Electronic Hook Switch), you can answer and end calls remotely, with the touch of a button. So you can always stay connected, without having to stay at your desk.

The V150 isn’t the only VXi product we’ll be showing. Most of our contact center and office line will be on display—including the new UC ProSet™ LUX, the first headset with a built-in LED presence indicator, designed around UC status standards.

You’ll want to see it—and us—in Orlando, at booth #732!

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