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Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

Posted on Wed, Jun 01, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

It’s that time of year again, and VXi has some great outside-the-box ideas for you to give dear old Dad (for Father’s Day) and/or your diligent graduate (for Graduation Day):

The VXi BlueParrott B350-XT. You may have seen this one on similar lists around the Internet. With good reason. The top of the BlueParrott line, the B350-XT was honored with an Innovation Award at CES last year. It has the industry’s best sound quality, with 96% noise canceling effectiveness. Works with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Lets you stream music or GPS directions. And its customizable Parrott Button™ can be programmed to the function of your choice. It’s a winner.WiredBuds_Product_Gallery_Clip_600x400_092815.jpg

VXi BlueParrott Wired Buds. Our Wired Buds are the only in-ear headphones that sound good enough to be called BlueParrott. They’re truly durable, too (unlike so many other earbuds), and feature a convenient inline control fob/microphone that lets you start and stop music, adjust volume and answer and end calls. 

The VXi BlueParrott Point™. If the people on your list like to use a small Bluetooth headset, but aren’t crazy about the sound quality, here’s our first recommendation. The Point is small and stylish, and weighs less than half an ounce. But unlike most other small Bluetooth headsets, the Point actually sounds good.Lifestyle_Point_Male_01_082715_6x4.jpg

The VXi BlueParrott Reveal™. For folks who often find themselves in noisy places, like airports or city streets, the BlueParrott Reveal is the gift they’ll really appreciate. The Reveal is small and light, yet it still sounds much better than comparable headsets. But the Reveal really shines when life gets particularly loud. That’s when you slide out its extendable mic boom, and boost its noise canceling to an incredible 90%!  

The VXi Envoy™ Office. VXi even has choices for gamers. Take the Envoy Office. Don’t let the “office” in its name put you off. The stereo version of the Envoy Office is an ideal—and inexpensive—choice for gaming. Lightweight and comfortable, the Envoy Office also boasts great sound and the convenience of a USB connection.

That’s a short list. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, take a look at our website. You’re sure to find something your Dad or Grad will love.

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