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A little look back at Cisco Live!

Posted on Fri, Jul 22, 2016 @ 04:24 PM

So what happened at Cisco Live this year? Well, at booth #1844 (that was VXi’s booth), there was A LOT going on.  Of course, we had our line of UC-ready headsets on hand—from the one-of-a-kind UC ProSet LUX (with the built-in UC presence indicator) to the Envoy™ Office, the full-featured UC headset with the incredibly small price tag. 

Our products, wired and wireless, really captured the imagination of Cisco Live attendees. So a lot of people were interested in our giveaway this year. But only one of them got the Point™.


But the biggest event from our point of view was our preview of VXi’s two new wireless solutions. The first is a Bluetooth® office wireless headset system with a single headset that keeps you connected and hands-free wherever you work. When you’re out of the office, in the car, etc., it pairs with your cell phone and works like a typical Bluetooth headset (but it sounds better, because it’s VXi). In the office, it pairs with your desk phone through a simple base station/charging station. In a nutshell, one headset does the work of two and gives you uninterrupted connectivity and productivity, all-day long.

The second is a DECT-based line that will give office users the most affordable choice of professional wireless solutions in the industry. With up to 350' of wireless freedom, it lets you take both desk phone and PC calls with one headset.

We have to say, people in the know are consistently impressed by the quality and innovation VXi brings to the table—many of whom were understandably interested in our “Invitation-Only Trial Program”. A few of those folks were lucky enough to be asked to participate. Would you like to learn more about the “Invitation-Only Trial Program”? Click here to see if you qualify.

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